About the Kitchen

Vegetarian Kindergarten

We know that good food habits and healthy lifestyle choices are essential for the well-being of children. At Carrots and Peas, we pride ourselves on our kitchen and its healthy vegetarian cuisine.

Our food is prepared on site every day. We use fresh produce and specialised ingredients to offer tasty meals and snacks. Our specially designed menu makes it easy for us to accommodate special dietary requirements. We follow the changes of the seasons and the availability of fruits and vegetables to ensure your child gets the best balanced diet with every meal or snack provided. To help strengthen eating habits and children’s relationship with food, freedom of choice is given, especially during breakfast and at snack times. We do eat biscuits and sweet things from time to time, however, we encourage children to eat healthy food items first. Children are also encouraged eat and sit nicely during mealtimes, wash their face and hands and tidy chairs away after eating. At Carrots and Peas we aim to ensure that children are aware of healthy food choices as this helps them implement good food choices when they are older.

Here is an example menu to see some of the food served all year round at at Carrots & Peas


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